Message from Founder

Welcome to Smokenders Middle East, I'm really glad that you're exploring the possibility of giving up your smoking habit. I smoked 2 packs a day for almost ten years and tried almost every possible option available to quit. I tried the patches, the gum, I read books, I even got a prescription from my doctor for an anti-depressant medication that was supposed to help me quit smoking (which had some awful side effects but not the one side effect I was looking for – to quit smoking for good!).

In a lot of instances, I was able to quit for a few weeks or a few months – but always ended up having that “one off” smoke when stress or issues would arise, and I would be back to my full-blown smoking habit. When I heard about Smokenders back in South Africa I was hesitant to sign up because I had lost all hope that I would be able to quit. I signed up as a last-ditch effort. Because I paid for the program I followed all the steps and actions over the 7 weeks. Today 12 years later I am still smoke free. When I relocated to the Middle East I met so many people who wanted to quit smoking, but realized the program wasn't available here - so I decided to launch it myself.

The program prepares you and breaks all your triggers and linkages before you quit so you don't suffer severe withdrawals, and once you quit you can still enjoy other things like coffee or whatever you usually would enjoy a cigarette with - without dying for a cigarette. It’s a powerful program that works if you follow it. If you are considering giving up your habit I really want to encourage you to invest in yourself but also to fully dedicate yourself to following the program o. It will be well worth your money and time I hope you will take this step and sign up with us - please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns on All the best!

Christine Kuun

Smokenders Middle East - Founder